Water Damage Clean Up – What To Do First

Water Damage Clean Up – What To Do First

What are some common expert water damage specialists damage clean up mistakes that people make? There are many but here are a few of the most common: Not vacuuming when it is obvious that the water has stopped evaporating, as this will result in more moisture entering the carpet or flooring. Not calling the plumber immediately when you realize that your water heater is broken, as this will also cause more moisture entering the home and causing more mold and mildew. Trying to save money on emergency services by doing without the water damage clean up service, while ignoring the problems that you do have will just get you into trouble in the long run.


The best way to avoid these pitfalls is by getting an understanding of what exactly needs to be done when it comes to water damage clean up and restoration. First of all, you need to understand how mold and mildew grow, as well as where they generally thrive. Next, it is important to understand what the best method of drying out your house is, whether that is with a commercial waterproofing product like Surfactant or a more natural approach like using fans and drying off the interior of the house using fans and dehumidifiers. Then, it is important to understand when it makes sense to use the services of a restoration company and when it would be more advantageous for you to tackle the problem yourself. Lastly, you need to know what you can do that will help to make things easier for the restoration crew.


As soon as you realize that the water has stopped evaporating, you need to get to the bottom of the problem. This means either vacuuming up all the excess moisture or using an absorbent cloth and water absorbent pads to suck up the water. Once you have extracted the excess moisture, it is imperative that you call the water damage restoration company that you are working with for assistance. The repair crew will be able to dry out the home and fix any structural damage that was done by the water. If the damage was not really severe, it will only take a few days to dry the place out and then replace everything if you wish.

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